Art Consulting

At J. Peeler Howell Fine Art, we utilize extensive experience in the industry along with a knowledge of art history to help you procure your next acquisition. We source and install artwork for private, commercial, corporate, and public spaces. Whether the desired work is found in the primary or secondary market, or a commissioned work, J. Peeler Howell Fine Art is able to curate and procure the perfect addition to your collection. Here is what you can expect during the process: 

Phase 1: Conceptualize

We can visit you on-site or simply begin the process through a phone call or email. We will discuss details of the desired artwork or artworks, clarify concept ideas, and ideal placement. Budget, timeline, and other project needs are also covered.

Phase 2: Research

Years of ongoing collaboration with artists, gallerists, dealers, other industry professionals, as well as a thorough working knowledge of the art market and industry gives us a practical and reliable research foundation.  

Phase 3: Previews

We prepare and deliver a digital preview of potential artwork solutions for you, which we then discuss and refine if necessary.  

Phase 4: Procurement 

When a final selection has been made, we guide you through the purchase or commission process. We ensure our clients receive exactly what they envision by working intimately with both the client and the artist.

Phase 5: Installation

We support the process of installation from start to finish by managing the delivery, placement, and installation process. We also work with conservation framers and other service professionals who have met our exacting quality standards. We can also assist in designing your lighting needs to best showcase your artwork.


Please call the GALLERY or EMAIL for more information.