Fred Poisson

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About Fred Poisson

Driven by color and an abstracted essence, Poisson’s work balances graphic elements with organic fluidity. His work is a collaboration with natural forces, a fusion of art and science, as he experiments with traditional and unconventional materials born of a desire to do something new with pigment and surface. The work offers pure, experiential encounters as tones vary from midrange to surprisingly intense and radiate as the viewer interacts with each piece, especially when viewing the work from different angles. Poisson's work ranges from subtlety to intensity; in most, both qualities occur in the same work. In his monotone works, he commands the attention of the viewer to see one color dispersed into many. Other works explore the subtle transitions among multiple colors. Poisson’s effortless blending techniques fuse the pigments so naturally that they could be mistaken for a snapshot of the earth, or even the cosmos.

As a young artist, Fred Poisson studied with the Swiss artist Claude Saucy, who was himself a student of Max Bill and the Bauhaus school. Poisson has experienced life among diverse cultures, having lived on four continents and in the South Pacific. He currently lives and works in New York City after many years as a Block Island, Rhode Island, resident. In 1992 Poisson received a BFA in painting from Rhode Island School of Design. He has exhibited both nationally and internationally.