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About UNO

UNO has consistently placed significant emphasis on the depiction of figures and their relationship with the underlying substrate throughout his artistic career. His distinctive approach is characterized by sweeping brush strokes that give rise to lyrical patterns, bursting with color, creating a dynamic illusion of movement within his works.

By breaking down objects and figures into discrete planes, UNO endeavors to convey multiple perspectives simultaneously, yielding paintings that exhibit a fragmented and abstract quality. UNO frequently portrays his subjects engaged in dance-like movements, reminiscent of proto-cubist works. The colors employed in his art appear to leap and glide in harmonious interaction with one another forming a cohesive figure, while also maintaining their individual presence. This technique poignantly captures Uno's overarching inspiration, namely, the profound significance of community and the inherent human yearning for togetherness.

Born and raised in Mexico City, UNO then moved to Brooklyn, NY. After time spent in Chicago and Los Angeles, he moved to Fort Worth and began making and then designing furniture. He later took up sculpting and then transitioned into painting. He is locally known for his murals painted around Fort Worth. The best known of which are the 36 paintings on nine pillars under the Lancaster Street Bridge.